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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Multi Patient Traffic Collision 10/31/2012

*UPDATE: 4201 W Pico Bl* Single occupant vehic (not motorcycle) into
rear of MTA bus. 8 patients: All minor injury, 6 transported & 2
declined, NFD. Media contact = LAPD or MTA
- Erik Scott###

Multi Patient Traffic Collision 10/31/2012

*Multi Patient Traffic Collision* 4201 W Pico Bl; MAP 633-F4; FS 26;
Prelim: MTA Bus vs motorcycle, at least 2 injured & transported, NFD;
Ch:4,12 @ 11:20 AM -Erik Scott###

INVEST 10/31/2012

*INVEST* 6455 N Reseda Bl; MAP 530-J6; FS 93; 3-story apartment (1 unit
on 1st story?) w/ window glass broken out possibly from 'bug bomb'. No
fire, no injury. 12 FF will handle, NFD; Ch:8,17 @ 10:09 AM -Erik

Vehicle Into Structure 10/31/2012

*Vehicle Into Structure* 507 E 3rd St; MAP 0; FS 4; Auto vs MTA bus. Bus
hit building on SW corner of 3rd & Central Av. 1 person w/
non-life-threatening injury was transported to local hospital. LAFD no
longer on scene, NFD. Media contact = LAPD Central Div & MTA; Ch:4,0 @
5:01 AM -Erik Scott###