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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Structure Fire 10/17/2012

*UPDATE: 1953 W 73rd St* KNOCKDOWN: 30 FF in 12 min. Bulk of flames
confined to 1 room. All occupants out, no injury. - Erik Scott###

Structure Fire 10/17/2012

*Structure Fire* 1953 W 73rd St; MAP 703-H1; FS 66; 1-story residence w/
fire showing; Ch:9,13 @ 9:12 PM -Erik Scott###

Structure Fire 10/17/2012

*UPDATE: 4420 E Rodeo Rd* KNOCKDOWN: 30 FF in 10 min. No injury, NFD. -
Erik Scott###

Structure Fire 10/17/2012

*Structure Fire* 4420 E Rodeo Rd; MAP 673-D1; FS 94; 2-story Apt Bldg w/
fire in 1 room; Ch:9,12 @ 1:20 PM -Erik Scott###

Auto vs Bike 10/17/2012

*Auto vs Bike* NB 101 Fy x Mission Rd; MAP 634-J3; FS 2; At least 1
injured & transported to hsp. LAFD no longer on scene. Traffic backup;
Ch:4,0 @ 6:37 AM -Erik Scott###

Traffic Collision 10/17/2012

*Traffic Collision* NB 405 Fy x Getty Center Dr; MAP 591-G6; FS 19; Solo
vehicle rollover on right shoulder. 2 right lanes blocked; Ch:4,17 @
7:03 AM -Erik Scott###