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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Structure Fire 10/11/2012

*UPDATE: 3329 N Merced St* KNOCKDOWN; 10 FF's took 6 min; Confined to
utility room; No injury; NFD - Brian Humphrey###

Structure Fire 10/11/2012

*Structure Fire* 3329 N Merced St; MAP 594-J5; FS 44; PRELIM: Fire
showing to the rear of residential fourplex; NFD; Ch:9,15 @ 6:02 PM
-Brian Humphrey###

Vegetation Fire 10/11/2012

*UPDATE: 3920 E Paige St* KNOCKDOWN; 20 FF's took 14 min; Confined to
vegetation; No injury; NFD - Brian Humphrey###

Vegetation Fire 10/11/2012

*Vegetation Fire* 3920 E Paige St; MAP 595-B5; FS 47; Row of trees
(struck by lightning?) on fire + threatening detached garage + home;
NFD; Ch:5,15 @ 4:11 PM -Brian Humphrey###

*Storm Safety Message* 10/11/2012

*Lightning Storm* Reminder: When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors! Safety

Traffic Collision 10/11/2012

*Traffic Collision* EB 10 Fwy x Boyle Av; MAP 634-H7; FS 17; Overturned
semi; No injury; Multi-lane(s) closed with debris; Media = CHP; NFD;
Ch:4,12 @ 7:57 AM -Brian Humphrey###