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Friday, August 10, 2012

Aircraft Crash 8/10/2012

*UPDATE: 2111 S Glendon Av* 1 person (unk age/gender) within burnt small
fixed-wing aircraft dead at scene; No other patients discovered; No home
damage from fire; Crash = N/E corner Glendon/Mississippi = 1.8 mi NE of
Santa Monica Airport; Investigation/Media Inquiries = NTSB/FAA - Brian

Structural Collapse 8/10/2012

*Structural Collapse* 12979 Arroyo St; MAP 482-D6; FS 98; PRELIM: 2nd
floor of 60' x 120' commercial building collapse onto 1st floor; No
injury; NFD; Ch:8,18 @ 5:54 PM -Brian Humphrey###

Aircraft Crash 8/10/2012

*Aircraft Crash* 2111 S Glendon Av; MAP 632-C5; FS 59; PRELIM: Small
'aircraft' down; No structure involved; NFD (No Further Details);
Ch:7,12 @ 5:58 PM -Brian Humphrey###


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