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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Media Photo Opp 8/8/2012

*Media Photo Opp* 5351 Bayer Pl; MAP 559-F2; FS 105; Large (?) pine tree
into electric wires + threatening 2 homes (temp evac unk # persons as
precaution); No injury; LADWP will handle; Dept Building & Safety to
assess hazard + determine if houses tenable; Media contact = LADWP +
LADBS; NFD; Ch:8,3 @ 10:49 PM -Brian Humphrey###

Multi Patient Traffic Collision 8/8/2012

*UPDATE: 9700 W Venice Bl* Following triage: Now 12 patients: 10 minor
injuries; 1 serious; 1 declined transport; No ages, genders or
affiliation; Media Contact = MTA, LAPD - Brian Humphrey###

Multi Patient Traffic Collision 8/8/2012

*UPDATE: 9700 W Venice Bl* PRELIM: 3 vehicles including Metro Bus; 16
patients total (15 minor/1 serious) NFD - Brian Humphrey###

Multi Patient Traffic Collision 8/8/2012

*Multi Patient Traffic Collision* 9700 W Venice Bl; MAP 672-G1; FS 43;
PRELIM: Vehicle vs. unk type Bus; NFD (No Further Details); Ch:4,13 @
5:49 PM -Brian Humphrey###

Structure Fire 8/8/2012

*UPDATE: 6918 Lasaine Av* KNOCKDOWN; 39 FF's took 12 min; No injury; NFD
(No Further Details) - Brian Humphrey###

Structure Fire 8/8/2012

*Structure Fire* 6918 Lasaine Av; MAP 531-C5; FS 100; PRELIM: Outside
fire extended into 2 one-story homes; NFD; Ch:9,17 @ 3:05 PM -Brian

Fatal Traffic Collision 8/8/2012

*Fatal Traffic Collision* 2720 E Olympic Bl; MAP 634-J7; FS 17; 1 person
(trapped under vehicle?) dead at scene; No other injured; NFD; Ch:7,12 @
0:22 PM -Brian Humphrey###


Test. LAFD Emergency Public Information (EPI) Center testing for alignment. Test only. No action required. Test complete. -Humphrey ###

Earthquake 8/7/2012

*UPDATE: Greater Los Angeles Area* We are now *out* of Earthquake Mode.
LAFD City-wide assessment complete. *NO injuries/significant damage
reported* All resources returning to quarters & will be rehoused
shortly. NFD - Matt Spence###