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Monday, August 6, 2012

Air Ambulance Landing 8/6/2012

*UPDATE: 7330 Winnetka Av* LAFD ground crew will now take patient
directly to VNY airport for transfer to waiting LAFD helicopter
ambulance; NFD - Brian Humphrey###

Air Ambulance Landing 8/6/2012

*Air Ambulance Landing* 7330 Winnetka Av; MAP;
FS 73; PRELIM: 2 y/o F near-drown in apt pool; Landing Zone = Sutter
Middle School; Destination = Children's Hosp; NFD; Ch:8,18 @ 8:08 PM
-Brian Humphrey###

Near Drowning 8/6/2012

*Near Drowning* 10448 Willowbrae Av; MAP 500-A4; FS 96; PRELIM:
Bystanders removed non-breathing adult male from residential swimming
pool; In grave condition to area hospital; NFD; Ch:8,17 @ 3:36 PM -Brian

Train vs. Pedestrian 8/6/2012

*Train vs. Pedestrian* 9500 N San Fernando Rd; MAP 502-G6; FS 77; SB
(inbound) Metrolink Train #200 struck coyote *and* 40 y/o F pedestrian;
Coyote dead at scene; Woman in fair condition at hosp with non-life
threat injury to R hand, arm + leg; Media contact = Metrolink, Sheriff
and LAPD; Ch:8,10 @ 5:29 AM -Brian Humphrey###