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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Structure Fire 8/5/2012

*UPDATE: 901 E New Dock St* KNOCKDOWN. 36 Firefighters in 26 minutes.
Fire confined to area around outdoor machinery only. No injuries
reported. NFD - Matt Spence###

Structure Fire 8/5/2012

*Structure Fire* 901 E New Dock St; MAP 824-E3; FS 40; Small mechanical
fire at industrial facility; Ch:9,15 @ 1:22 PM -Matt Spence###

Test #1 8/5/2012

*Test #1* ; MAP ; FS ; This is a test only. No need to repond. SITS;
Ch:, @ -Matt Spence###

technical problem 8/5/2012

*technical problem* 8011 Beverly Bl; MAP ; FS 0; PLEASE NOTE: the inc at
this address is *INACTIVE* This was a previous incident that was
inexplicably "caught" in our system and has just posted. Any/all posts
related to this address at this time are *NOT ACTIVE"
Apologies/patience, please as we work it out. NFD; Ch:, @ 7:22 AM -Matt

Structure Fire 7/31/2012

*Structure Fire* 8011 Beverly Bl; MAP 633-b1; FS 61; 1 sty commercial
business smoke showing from roof; Ch:9,12 @ 7:07 PM -Shawn Lenske###

Structure Fire 7/31/2012

*UPDATE: 8011 Beverly Bl* KNOCKDOWN in 12 minutes with 37 Firefighters
of a small office in rear of building. No reports of injuries...NFD -
Shawn Lenske###