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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Traffic Collision w/ Entrapment 6/30/2012

*UPDATE: 1669 N Benedict Canyon Dr* 2 autos invlvd. 2 pts only= 1 pt
(adult FM) required extrication & tsp to local hsp. Other pt being
evaluated. NFD - Matt Spence###

Traffic Collision w/ Entrapment 6/30/2012

*Traffic Collision w/ Entrapment* 1669 N Benedict Canyon Dr; MAP 592-B4;
FS 71; Unclear how many vehicles invlvd. At least 1 pt requiring
extrication; Ch:7,17 @ 1:17 PM -Matt Spence###

GRASS FIRE 6/30/2012

*GRASS FIRE* 8288 W Kirkwood Dr; MAP 593-A4; FS 41; Smoke was discovered
to be *wood deck only* that caught fire as result of faulty hot tub
motor. Co's did cut deck to access small fire. During ops 1 FF sustained
minor burns to L hand. NFD; Ch:5,12 @ 8:15 AM -Matt Spence###