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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hiker In Distress 6/27/2012

*Hiker In Distress* 162 Griffith Park; MAP 593-J2; FS 35; Approx 50 y/o
uninjured F located near Observatory, after falling down a hill. FF
assisted patient out to safety. LAFD air response canceled, NFD; Ch:7,18
@ 9:54 AM -Erik Scott###

GRASS FIRE 6/27/2012

*GRASS FIRE* NB Hollywood Fy x Magnolia Bl; MAP 562-H1; FS 60; Approx
40'x40' of grass quickly extinguished by first arriving Firefighters. No
injury. Cause under invest, NFD at this time; Ch:8,17 @ 9:16 AM -Erik

Grass Fire 6/26/2012

*UPDATE: 4235 Monterey Rd* Fire contained at less than 4 acres; No
injury; No structures damaged; Cause under investigation; NFD - Brian

Grass Fire 6/26/2012

*UPDATE: 4235 Monterey Rd* This will be a ground-based firefight with 32
personnel assigned; LAFD air support cancelled - Brian Humphrey###

Grass Fire 6/26/2012

*Grass Fire* 4235 Monterey Rd; MAP 595-A5; FS 1; PRELIM: (3 to 4 acre)
grass in/near Debs Regional Park; No evac; LAFD ground + air response;
Ch:7,13 @ 11:50 PM -Brian Humphrey###