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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Traffic Collision 6/23/2012

*UPDATE: SB 405 FY x Santa Monica FY* 3 pts total= 1 pt tsp to local hsp
in "fair" cond. 2 others treated/refused LAFD tsp. NFD - Matt Spence###

Near Drowning - Air Ambulance 6/23/2012

*Near Drowning - Air Ambulance* 9373 Moonbeam Av; MAP 502-A6; FS 007;
approx 10 Y/O M. LZ= Liggett Elementary. NFD ; Ch:8,18 @ 6:31 PM -Matt

Traffic Collision 6/23/2012

*Traffic Collision* SB 405 FY x Santa Monica FY; MAP 632-C7; FS 59;
Initial report: poss 6 autos invlvd w/ minor injuries; Ch:4, @ 6:07 PM
-Matt Spence###

Injury 6/23/2012

*Injury* 519 S Barrington Av; MAP ; FS 19; Tree trimming operation w/ 3
pts- all approx 30 Y/O M, tsp to local hosp in "fair" cond w/ non-life
threatng injuries. Grnd level inc that resulted in blunt-force trauma
only. NFD; Ch:4, @ 2:38 PM -Matt Spence###

Traffic Collision 6/21/2012

*Traffic Collision * 427 W Afarrell St; MAP 824-C4; FS 112; 2 autos
invlvd. 2 pts total (unkwn age/gender) w/ only 1 requiring extrication.
both tsp to local hsp. NFD; Ch:4, @ 0:59 PM -Matt Spence###