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Thursday, February 9, 2012


*UPDATE: 23621 W Woolsey Cyn x N Valley Cir Bl* 1 pt only= approx 45 Y/O FM. No extrication. Pt tsp to local hosp in fair condition w/ non-life threatening injuries. NFD - Matt Spence###

Structure Fire - Now Out 2/9/2012

*Structure Fire - Now Out* 1435 W 58th Pl; MAP 673-J6; FS 66; Detached garage of vacant SFD. KNOCKDOWN. 26 Firefighters in 11 minutes. Confined to garage. No extension. No injuries. NFD; Ch:7,12 @ 6:11 PM -Matt Spence###


*TRAFFIC ACCIDENT* 23621 W Woolsey Cyn x N Valley Cir Bl; MAP 499-F7; FS 106; 1 auto over side w/ unkwn # pts; Ch:8,17 @ -Matt Spence###

Chemical Invest 2/9/2012

*UPDATE: 555 E Ramirez St x N Center St* Incident is *STATIC* All LAFD resources clearing. All media= LACo PIO. NFD - Matt Spence###

Chemical Invest 2/9/2012

*Chemical Invest* 555 E Ramirez St x N Center St; MAP 634-H3; FS 4; Unidentifiable smell has yielded 4 pts all w/ mild nausea. All tsp to local hosp for further eval. LACoHealth/HAZMAT to remain on-scene. NFD; Ch:7,12 @ -Matt Spence###

Structure Fire With Civilian Injury 2/9/2012

*Structure Fire With Civilian Injury* 5146 S Victoria Av; MAP 673-F5; FS 066; 1 story SFD w/ fire in rear is now a KNOCKDOWN. 28 Firefighters in 19 minutes. 2 FM residents (unkwn age) were tsp to local hosp for minor smoke inhalation. NFD; Ch:7,12 @ -Matt Spence###