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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Air Ambulance 11/8/2011

*Air Ambulance* 15121 W Tuba St; MAP 501-H4; FS 75; 1 y/o ill F being transported to Children's hsp in serious condition. LZ=Holy Cross Hsp, NFD ; Ch:8,17 @ 7:55 PM -Erik Scott###

Structure Fire 11/8/2011

*UPDATE: 11060 N Norris Av* KNOCKDOWN:Approx 50 FF in 17 min. No injuries - Erik Scott###

Structure Fire 11/8/2011

*Structure Fire* 11060 N Norris Av; MAP 502-D2; FS 98; 4-story building w/ 1 unit on fire on the 4th floor. Addl FF requested; Ch:9,17 @ 11:10 AM -Erik Scott###