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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Auto vs Pedestrian 10/29/2011

*Auto vs Pedestrian* 100 E 47th St; MAP 674-C4; FS 46; 3 patients (age 4,6,11) to LAC-USC Med Ctr; NFD (No Further Details); Ch:4,10 @ 5:36 PM -Brian Humphrey###

Ill Hiker 10/29/2011

*UPDATE: 19300 Rinaldi St* Adult male pulseless/non-breathing to hosp via LAFD ground transport - Brian Humphrey###

Ill Hiker 10/29/2011

*Ill Hiker* 19300 Rinaldi St; MAP 500-F2; FS 8; PRELIM: Person collapsed (breathing?) on/near Limekiln Cyn trail; LAFD air/land response; NFD; Ch:8,17 @ 8:36 AM -Brian Humphrey###