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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Air Ambulance 10/26/2011

*Air Ambulance* 20110 W Labrador St; MAP 500-D5; FS 107; Requested for 2 Y/O female w/unkwn illness/injury. LZ= Nordhoff & De Soto. NFD; Ch:8,17 @ -Matt Spence###

Traffic Collision 10/26/2011

*UPDATE: 2260 E Norfolk St* Total of 5 patients. All w/ minor injuries. All were treated/released on-scene. There were NO transports. NFD - Matt Spence###

Traffic Collision - 10/26/2011

*UPDATE: 2260 E Norfolk St* CORRECTION: this is a "TRAFFIC Collision" *NOT* a "train" - Matt Spence###

Train Collision 10/26/2011

*Train Collision* 2260 E Norfolk St; MAP 635-C2; FS 16; 3 autos involved. No extrication required. Possible mult patients; Ch:7,12 @ -Matt Spence###

Structure Fire - Now Out 10/26/2011

*Structure Fire - Now Out* 822 N Brooktree Rd; MAP 631-C5; FS 69; SFD w/ fire in 1 room. Now reported *fire out* No injuries reported.; Ch:9,17 @ 3:31 PM -Matt Spence###

Structure Fire 10/26/2011

*UPDATE: 4730 N Crystal Springs Dr* KNOCKDOWN. 26 Firefighters in 16 minutes. No extension. No injuries reported. NFD - Matt Spence###

Structure Fire 10/26/2011

*Structure Fire* 4730 N Crystal Springs Dr; MAP 564-B6; FS 56; Griffith Park Rangers report unkwn type fire in administrative trailer; Ch:9,17 @ -Matt Spence###