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Friday, October 7, 2011

Air Ambulance 10/7/2011

*Air Ambulance* Victory x Canoga; MAP 530 D4; FS 72; Near drowning of a two year old female. Transported via Air Ambulance. ; Ch:8,17 @ -Cecil Manresa###

Air Ambulance 10/7/2011

*Air Ambulance* 4241 Lanai Rd; MAP 561 E5; FS 83; Child in process of being transported via air ambulance due to a fall at elementary school. ; Ch:8,17 @ -Cecil Manresa###

Structure Fire 10/7/2011

*UPDATE: 7518 Garden Grove Ave* 1 room involved in the rear. 32 FF's Knockdown in 18 min. No civilian injuries.

- Cecil Manresa###

Structure Fire 10/7/2011

*Structure Fire* 7518 Garden Grove Ave; MAP 530 J4; FS 73; Single family dwelling with heavy smoke showing.; Ch:9,18 @ -Cecil Manresa###

Tree Down 10/7/2011

*Tree Down* 3447 Primera Ave; MAP 563 D7; FS 76; Large tree approximately 75'-100' fell across the street and onto a home causing moderate to severe damage. 1 occupant was not injured. ; Ch:7, @ -Cecil Manresa###

Chemical Investigation 10/7/2011

*Chemical Investigation* 4124 S Wall St; MAP ; FS 14; Abandoned gray cylinder emitting small amount of smoke. No injuries or health concerns to civilians at this time. ; Ch:, @ -Cecil Manresa###