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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Air Ambulance 9/27/2011

*Air Ambulance* 7633 N March Av; MAP 529-F4; FS 106; Requested for 16 mo infant w/ unknwn illness. LZ= Canoga x Victory @ Rocketdyne. NFD; Ch:8,13 @ -Matt Spence###

Traffic Collision 9/27/2011

*Traffic Collision* 1632 W Washington Bl; MAP 634-A5; FS 13; 3 autos invlvd= 7 pts total. 6 of 7 were tsp to local hosp w/ non-life threatening injuries in fair cond. NFD; Ch:4, @ -Matt Spence###

Auto vs Pedestrian 9/27/2011

*UPDATE: 1462 W Temple St* Auto thru intersection= 3 pts total. All tsp to local hosp in serious condition. NFD - Matt Spence###

Auto vs Pedestrian 9/27/2011

*Auto vs Pedestrian* 1462 W Temple St; MAP 634-E1; FS 3; With poss mult pts; Ch:4,12 @ -Matt Spence###