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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Physical Rescue Traffic 8/21/2011

*UPDATE: WB 90 Fwy x Culver Bl* Update:3 patients in critical condition transported to local hospital. Assisted by Culver City Fire dept. - Cecil Manresa###

Physical Rescue Traffic 8/21/2011

*Physical Rescue Traffic* WB 90 Fwy x Culver Bl; MAP 672 D7; FS 67; Traffic accident on the freeway results in 4 people injured with two needing extrication.; Ch:7,12 @ 9:35 PM -Cecil Manresa###

Sheared Hydrant 8/15/2011

*Sheared Hydrant* 2720 Laurel Canyon Bl; MAP 592 J1; FS 97; Taxi cab shears a hydrant causing flooding in a home.; Ch:8,17 @ -Cecil Manresa###