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Monday, July 18, 2011

Vegetation Fire 7/18/2011

*UPDATE: 6800 W Forest Lawn Dr* KNOCKDOWN; 70 FF's + 2 LAFD Copters took 1 hour; No injury; Confined to less than 1 acre grass; No structures; Cause under investigation - Brian Humphrey###

Vegetation Fire 7/18/2011

*Vegetation Fire* 6800 W Forest Lawn Dr; MAP 563-D5; FS 76; One-half acre of grass; No structures threatened; LAFD air/ground assault; Ch:5,12 @ 8:41 PM -Brian Humphrey###

Test 7/18/2011

*Test* 111 Test St; MAP ; FS 00; This is a test of the LAFD ALERT system. No reply needed.; Ch:, @ -Brian Humphrey###

Multi Patient Medical 7/18/2011

*Multi Patient Medical* 1438 N Gower St; MAP 593-F5; FS 27; 5-7 persons from office w/mild illness after exposure to fumes from idling truck; No evacuation; No transports yet; Medical evaluation continues; Ch:7,17 @ 5:14 PM -Brian Humphrey###

Structure Fire 7/18/2011

*UPDATE: 5866 Allott Ave* KNOCKDOWN; Note address correction; 36 FF's took 28 min; Confined to attached garage w/some attic; No injury; NFD - Brian Humphrey###

Structure Fire 7/18/2011

*Structure Fire* 5873 Allott Ave; MAP 562-C1; FS 102; Garage (and vegetation?) fire; Ch:9,18 @ 4:36 PM -Brian Humphrey###

Media Photo Opp 7/18/2011

*Media Photo Opp* 8621 S Figueroa St; MAP 704-B3; FS 57; Non-injury "vehicle into structure" w/natural gas leak; No fire; No evac; NFD (No Further Details); Ch:7,2 @ 3:23 PM -Brian Humphrey###