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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Haz Mat Investigation 6/30/2011

*Haz Mat Investigation* 701 E New Dock St; MAP 824-E3; FS 40; 'Substance' leaking from 20' container in cargo yard; 1 (security?) worker w/minor complaints; No other injury; No evac; NFD; Ch:7,12 @ 6:52 PM -Brian Humphrey###

Rescue 6/30/2011

*UPDATE: 7320 W Hawthorn Av* Window washer 'self-rescued' on FD's arrival; No injury - Brian Humphrey###

Rescue 6/30/2011

*Rescue* 7320 W Hawthorn Av; MAP 593-C4; FS 41; PRELIM: Window washer stranded at 4th floor level; NFD (No Further Details); Ch:7,12 @ 6:12 PM -Brian Humphrey###

Air Ambulance 6/30/2011

*Air Ambulance* 10348 Limerick Av; MAP 500-C4; FS 107; Ill Child; LZ = Nordhoff/DeSoto; NFD; Ch:8,17 @ 1:57 PM -Brian Humphrey###

Leaking Natural Gas 6/27/2011

*Leaking Natural Gas* 2765 W Tesla Av; MAP 594-D3; FS 56; Utility crew ruptured 2 inch hi-pressure line; Residential neighborhood; No fire; No evac; No injury; STREET CLOSURE: Silver Lake Dr between Bright Ln and Angus St; NFD; Ch:7,1 @ 11:17 AM -Brian Humphrey###