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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Traffic Collision w/Entrapment 4/19/2011

*Traffic Collision w/Entrapment* NB 405 Fwy x Devonshire St; MAP 501-H5; FS 87; At onramp; 2 patients total; 1 is trapped; NFD (No Further Details); Ch:8,17 @ 9:58 PM -Brian Humphrey###

Traffic Collision 4/19/2011

*Traffic Collision* 9100 Reseda Bl; MAP 500-J7; FS 103; 2 vehicles; 1 overturned; NFD; Ch:8,17 @ 5:48 PM -Brian Humphrey###

Auto vs Bike 4/19/2011

*UPDATE: 10800 Wicks St* Contrary to caller, first arriving LAFD says 1 patient only; No CPR in progress; NFD (No Further Details) - Brian Humphrey###

Auto vs Bike 4/19/2011

*Auto vs Bike* 10800 Wicks St; MAP 503-A4; FS 77; PRELIM: Unk auto vs bicycle or motorcycle; 2 patients; Caller states one not breathing; We're still enroute; NFD; Ch:8,10 @ 5:43 PM -Brian Humphrey###

Test 4/19/2011

*Test* Test Only; MAP None; FS 0; Testing for alignment; No action/reply needed ; Ch:0, @ 11:39 AM -Brian Humphrey###

Injured Hiker 4/19/2011

UPDATE: Griffith Park/Dante's Peak* LAFD copter found patient, lowered medics to ground; Ground transport anticipated - Brian Humphrey###

Injured Hiker 4/19/2011

*Injured Hiker* Griffith Park near Dante's Peak; MAP 593-J2; FS 35; PRELIM: Adult male hiker fell on remote trail; LAFD air/ground response; NFD (No Further Details) Ch:7,12 @ 7:42 AM -Brian Humphrey ###