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Monday, April 18, 2011

Stall 4/18/2011

*UPDATE: 899 W 7th St* Media contact= Metropolitan Transportation Authority (METRO) or Rail Operation *Center* (ROC), LAFD no longer on scene. - Erik Scott###

Stall 4/18/2011

*UPDATE: 899 W 7th St* Redline (headed to Union Station?) passengers calmly off-loaded at Westlake station. ROC (Rail Operations Control) handling incident & releasing LAFD resources. No injury, no fire, NFD. - Erik Scott###

Stall 4/18/2011

*Stall* 899 W 7th St; MAP 634-E4; FS 9; Prelim: Redline stopped (mechanical failure?) in tunnel between Westlake & Alvarado Stations. 25 Firefighters assisting w/ evacuation of aprox 200 individuals. No injuries, NFD; Ch:7,12 @ 9:08 AM -Erik Scott###

Firefighter Injury 4/18/2011

*Firefighter Injury* 11065 N Balboa Bl; MAP 501-C2; FS 87; 1-story Commercial building. Fire KD in 13 min by 38 FF. 1 FF suffered knee injury & was hoisted off roof & will be transported to hospital in fair condition; Ch:8,17 @ 6:06 AM -Erik Scott###