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Monday, March 21, 2011

DFLOW 3/20/2011

*UPDATE: 4855 N Regalo Rd* 6 residences were affected, 4 remain yellow tagged w/ back yards red tagged due to the amount of debris. 7-10 individuals remain displaced, NFD. - Erik Scott###

Debris Flow 3/21/2011

*Debris Flow* 4567 N White Oak Pl; MAP 561-B4; FS 83; Occupants of SFD relocated, due to mud against residence. No other structures threatened. Building & Safety Notified. No injuries, NFD; Ch:8,18 @ 10:05 AM -Erik Scott###

LAFD Statistics 3/21/2011

*LAFD Statistics* Los Angeles; MAP ; FS ; The LAFD experienced an approximate 62% increase in 9-1-1 calls on 03/20/11; Ch:, @ 7:00 AM -Erik Scott###