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Friday, March 18, 2011

Air Ambulance 3/18/2011

*UPDATE: 14244 W Sayre St* Patient will go by ground ambulance to Northridge Hospital; - Brian Humphrey###

Air Ambulance 3/18/2011

*Air Ambulance* 14244 W Sayre St; MAP 482-A5; FS 91; PRELIM: (1 year old?) injured in Auto vs Pedestrian; LZ = Olive Vista Middle School; ; Ch:8,17 @ 8:25 PM -Brian Humphrey###

Grass Fire 3/18/2011

*Grass Fire* WB 118 Fwy east of Rocky Peak Rd; MAP 500-A1; FS 28; This fire is in LA County FD jurisdiction; All media inquiries to LACoFD; Ch:8,17 @ 1:19 PM -Brian Humphrey###