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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cliff Rescue 3/17/2011

*Cliff Rescue* 3717 S Roxbury St; MAP 854-A2; FS 101; 1 vehicle over the side. LAFD searched by ground, air & water. 1 patient only, 42 y/o F, rescued & will be transported to hsp in fair condition; Ch:7,12 @ 10:25 PM -Erik Scott###

River Rescue 3/17/2011

*UPDATE: 13300 W Paxton St* 2 juvenile males treated & transported to local hsp in good condition, NFD - Erik Scott###

River Rescue 3/17/2011

*River Rescue* 13300 W Paxton St; MAP 502-C1; FS 98; Prelim: Firefighters assist child who was in Pacoima wash, now self extricated & being evaluated; Ch:8,12, 13 @ 4:49 PM -Erik Scott###

Structure Fire 3/17/2011

*UPDATE: 3030 S Hillcrest Dr* KNOCKDOW; 27 FF in 11 just min. No injuries - Erik Scott###

Structure Fire 3/17/2011

*Structure Fire* 3030 S Hillcrest Dr; MAP 633-D7; FS 94; 1-story SFD w/ fire showing; Ch:9,12 @ 11:07 AM -Erik Scott###

Air Ambulance 3/17/2011

*Air Ambulance* 6650 N Quakertown Av; MAP 530-E6; FS 72; 3 y/o M ill. LAFD helicopter in route to LZ @ Victory & Canoga. Pt will be tsp to local hsp in serious condition; Ch:8,17 @ 9:12 AM -Erik Scott###

Traffic Collision 3/17/2011

*Traffic Collision* WB 210 Fy; MAP 504-A7; FS 74; Big Rig on its side near La Tuna Canyon Rd = heavy traffic backup. No injuries reported, NFD; Ch:8,17 @ 6:40 AM -Erik Scott###