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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bus vs Pedestrian 3/12/2011

*UPDATE: 1700 N McCadden Pl* Single patient. Rapidly extricated & will be transported to hsp in serious condition. - Erik Scott###

Bus vs Pedestrian 3/12/2011

*Bus vs Pedestrian* 1700 N McCadden Pl; MAP 593-E4; FS 27; Prelim: Adult female stuck underneath bus, NFD; Ch:7,12 @ 11:28 PM -Erik Scott###

Structure Fire 3/12/2011

*UPDATE: 1650 S Federal Av* KNOCKDOWN: 81 FF responded however first 34 FF extinguished in 25 min. Bulk of fire appeared to be in 1st floor walls around fireplace & traveled up to roof. No injuries, NFD. - Erik Scott###

Structure Fire 3/12/2011

*Structure Fire* 1650 S Federal Av; MAP 632-A5; FS 59; 2-story apartments w/ smoke showing; Ch:9,12, 14 @ 8:20 PM -Erik Scott###


*TRAFFIC ACCIDENT* EB 118 Fy; MAP 500-E2; FS 28; Big Rig on its side, on freeway near De Soto Av. Small fire extinguished. No injuries, NFD; Ch:8,18 @ 7:16 PM -Erik Scott###

Multi Patient Traffic Collision 3/12/2011

*Multi Patient Traffic Collision* 3172 N Laurel Canyon Bl; MAP 862-J7; FS 97; 2 vehicle collision. 6 patients suffered Non-Life-Threatening injuries & were transported to local hospitals, NFD; Ch:8,17 @ 5:46 PM -Erik Scott###

Chemical Investigation 3/12/2011

*Chemical Investigation* 1026 S Santa Fe Av; MAP 634-H6; FS 17; LAFD Haz-Mat Firefighters assisting LAPD incident. Media can contact = LAPD; Ch:7,13 @ 4:49 PM -Erik Scott###

Structure Fire 3/12/2011

*UPDATE: 6817 W Leland Wy* KNOCKDOWN: 32 FF in just 13 min, with out injury. - Erik Scott###

Structure Fire 3/12/2011

*Structure Fire* 6817 W Leland Wy; MAP 593-E5; FS 27; SFD (Single Family Dwelling) fire showing; Ch:9, @ 6:48 AM -Erik Scott###