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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lost Hiker 1/8/2011

*UPDATE: Wilson Canyon Trail* Uninjured hikers stranded in rugged terrain (inaccessible by ground vehicle) hoisted into LAFD copter. Firefighters will medically evaluate hikers & safety tsp to Olive View hsp helipad in stable condition; NFD - Erik Scott###

Lost Hiker 1/8/2011

*Lost Hiker* Wilson Canyon Trail; MAP 481-J2; FS 91; LAFD copter just located 2 hikers in steep canyon near Sylmar. Hoist operation anticipated, NFD; Ch:8,18 @ 6:11 PM -Erik Scott###

Air Ambulance 1/8/2011

*Air Ambulance* 17556 W Stagg St; MAP 831-B3; FS 73; 6 week old ill infant, will be tsp to Children's hsp in serious condition. LZ=FS114, NFD; Ch:8,10 @ 5:43 PM -Erik Scott###