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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Media Photo Opp 1/6/2011

*Media Photo Opp* 2037 S Ridgeley Dr; MAP 633-B6; FS 68; Street flooding w/ pavement disruption; local street closure, No injury; No homes threatened; No Evac; Media contact = LADWP; Ch:7,0 @ 8:42 PM -Erik Scott###


*COMPUTERS DOWN* 200 N Main St; MAP ; FS ; Crippling computer issues rendered PSO office unable to send Media Alerts from aprox 1000 until 1430. Now believed to be functioning properly. Thank you for your patience; Ch:, @ -Erik Scott###

Test Only 1/6/2011

*Test Only* 200 N Main St; MAP ; FS ; No Action Required. Test Complete; Ch:, @ 2:47 PM -Erik Scott###

Investigation 1/6/2011

*Investigation* 1530 S Olive St; MAP 634-D6; FS 10; PRELIM: Unusual odor. Possibly 6 patients being evaluated for non-life-threatening medical complaints. LAFD Haz-Mat teams investigating, NFD; Ch:7,12, 14 @ 10:32 AM -Erik Scott###

Multi Patient Traffic Collision 1/6/2011

*Multi Patient Traffic Collision* NB 405 Fy; MAP 672-H7; FS 95; Muliti vehic near Howard Hughes Pkwy. 4 Patients unk age/gender: 3 seriously injured & 1 non-life-threatening injury, NFD; Ch:4,12 @ 9:26 AM -Erik Scott###