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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Structure Fire 12/21/2010

*UPDATE: 3173 Perlita Av* KOCKDOWN: 30 FF in just 10 min. No injuries, NFD - Erik Scott###

Structure Fire 12/21/2010

*Structure Fire* 3173 Perlita Av; MAP 594-F2; FS 50; SFD w/ 1 room well involved; Ch:9,12 @ 4:55 PM -Erik Scott###

Traffic Collision w/ Entrapment 12/21/2010

*UPDATE: WB 101 Fy* 2 vehicle collision = 2 patients: 1 adult F seriously injured & 1 adult M w/ minor injuries, both tsp to hsp. (*Off-Duty* LAFD FF witnessed crash, broke out window of car w/ fist & provided medical aid to seriously injured woman until On-duty FF's arrived). - Erik Scott###

Media Alert 12/21/2010

*Media Alert* 5101 N Sepulveda Bl; MAP 561-H3; FS 88; All Media welcome to Press Conference at Fire Station 88 at 1PM today. Battalion Chief Wise speaking regarding LAFD's concerns & actions due to current weather (River Rescues, pre-deployment, Swift Water Rescue Teams, etc). Contact PIO Captain's: Jaime Moore 213 359-9415 or Tina Haro 213 359-9743; Ch:, @ 1:00 PM -Erik Scott###

Traffic Collision w/ Entrapment 12/21/2010

*Traffic Collision w/ Entrapment* WB 101 Fy; MAP 561-B2; FS 83; Near White Oak Ave. 1 patient requiring extrication. All lanes of WB 101 temp closed, NFD; Ch:8,17 @ 8:43 AM -Erik Scott###

RIVER 12/21/2010

*RIVER* LA River; MAP 594-D2; FS 56; North of Glendale Blvd. *NOT* a River Rescue. 1 person NEAR river, half way down embankment required medical assistance. Static situation, first 20 FF will handle, Helicopters being returned, NFD; Ch:7,12 @ 8:09 AM -Erik Scott###