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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brush Fire 9/28/2010

*Brush Fire* 16593 Calle Victoria; MAP 630-H2; FS 23; 1/2 acre burning; fire slow moving over light vegetation; no homes immediately threatened. ; Ch:9,13 @ 4:40 PM -Devin Gales###

Structure Fire 9/28/2010

*UPDATE: 871 S. Westchester Pl.* Fire is now knocked down in 22 minutes with 52 firefighters; no injuries reported. - Devin Gales###

Structure Fire 9/28/2010

*Structure Fire* 871 S. Westchester Pl.; MAP 633-G3; FS 29; 2 story single family dwelling with fire showing from the attic; NFD; Ch:7,12 @ 4:29 PM -Devin Gales###

Advisory 9/28/2010

*Advisory* Los Angeles; MAP ; FS ; EMERGENCY RESPONSE INFORMATION: Yesterdays Incident Count was a *43% increase* above normal activity and the LAFD had the highest amount of medical transports recorded.; Ch:, @ 8:45 AM -Erik Scott###

EXPLOSION 9/28/2010

*UPDATE: 1127 W Wilshire Bl* Media Command Post at Bixel & Wilshire. PIO Captain Ruda on scene. - Erik Scott###

EXPLOSION 9/28/2010

*EXPLOSION* 1127 W Wilshire Bl; MAP 634-D4; FS 11; 81 FF on scene of 15-story bldg w/ underground vault explosion. Currently no active fire. Structural integrity of bldg *not* compromised. No injuries. DWP on scene; NFD.; Ch:7,12, 13 @ 2:14 AM -Erik Scott###