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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Auto Fire 8/12/2010

*Auto Fire* NB 405 Fwy X Mulholland Dr; MAP ; FS 19; North of the Getty Center Drive, on the right shoulder. *No* brush involved. No injuries. Contact CHP for lane closures. NFD.; Ch:, @ 11:08 AM -Erik Scott###

Structure Fire 8/12/2010

*UPDATE: 8934 S Baring Cross St* KNOCKDOWN: 32 FF in just 12 min. (2 rooms involved in fire?) No injuries. NFD - Erik Scott###

Structure Fire 8/12/2010

*Structure Fire* 8930 S Baring Cross St; MAP 704-B3; FS 57; SFD w/ heavy smoke showing. ; Ch:7,12 @ 7:11 PM -Erik Scott###

Near Drowning 8/12/2010

*Near Drowning* 611 N Henry Ford Ave; MAP 794-H7; FS 49; Adult (unk age/gender) pulled out of water & is breathing, will be tsp to local hsp in serious condition. Unk circumstances. NFD; Ch:4,0 @ 5:25 PM -Erik Scott###

Structure Fire 8/12/2010

*UPDATE: 9129 W Gibson St* KNOCKDOWN: 22 FF in just 12 min. 1 victim (unk age/gender) being evaluated for smoke inhalation and may be tsp to local hsp. - Erik Scott###

Structure Fire 8/12/2010

*Structure Fire* 9129 W Gibson St; MAP 632-H6; FS 10; Detached garage on fire, no exposures.; Ch:7,12 @ 7:15 PM -Erik Scott###