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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

GRASS FIRE 8/3/2010

*UPDATE: 2898 N. Laurel Canyon Bl.* Fire has been knocked down; no injuries, NFD at this time. - Rich Matheney###

GRASS FIRE 8/3/2010

*GRASS FIRE* 2898 N. Laurel Canyon Bl.; MAP 592-J1; FS 97; 1/2 Acre of medium brush; No Structures threaten or Evacuations needed at this time.; Ch:9,9,12 @ 11:22 AM -Rich Matheney###

Air Ambulance 8/3/2010

*Air Ambulance* 14006 W. Riverside Dr.; MAP 562-B3; FS 102; 1 male patient with unknown injury after a fall; L/Z Millikan Middle School.; Ch:8,17 @ 7:58 AM -Devin Gales###