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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

GRASS FIRE 7/20/2010

*UPDATE: 214 W. 117th St.* Fire has now been fully contained to 2 acres; with 27 firefighters; crews will remain on scene to address any hot spots; no injuries. - Devin Gales###

GRASS FIRE 7/20/2010

*GRASS FIRE* 214 W. 117th St.; MAP 704-C7; FS 64; Reported to be two acres of grass burning; no threat to civilians or structures at this time; NFD ; Ch:7,12 @ 0:27 PM -Devin Gales###

Test Only 7/19/2010

*Test Only* 200 N. Main St.; MAP 000-A0; FS 00; This is only a test; no need to respond; thanks; Ch:99,40 @ 11:10 AM -Devin Gales###