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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rubbish Fire 6/5/2010

*UPDATE: 3562 W. King Bl.* Fire is now knocked down; 20 minutes; 32 firefighters; reported to be cardboard burning; no fire into the structure; no injuries reported - Devin Gales###

Rubbish Fire 6/5/2010

*Rubbish Fire* 3562 W. King Bl.; MAP 673-E3; FS 94; Outside rubbish fire with exposure being threatened; NFD; Ch:7,12 @ 4:54 PM -Devin Gales###

Major Emergency Fire 6/5/2010

*UPDATE: 1903 N. Blinn Av.* This fire is continuing to burn, firefighters are aggressively attacking the flame while protecting all side of this incident; NFD - Devin Gales###

Greater Alarm Fire 6/5/2010

*UPDATE: 1903 N. Blinn Av.* firefighters continue to battling fire in large metal pile; still no immediate threats to structures; no injuries reported. - Devin Gales###

Scrap Yard Fire 6/5/2010

*Scrap Yard Fire* 1903 N. Blinn Av.; MAP 794-G4; FS 38; Large pile of metal on fire creating large column of smoke; No structures are directly threatened at this time; no injury;NFD; Ch:7,13 @ 11:34 AM -Devin Gales###